The case for cowls

Do a quick web search for “cowls for men” and you’ll see all kinds of interesting things.  Most interesting to me were the naysayers, who offered up opinions ranging from, “they’re just not manly!” to, “But cowl necks are reserved for women, because the large collar frames the face and flatters the bosom.” 

Bah, I say!  If men can wear scarves, men can wear cowls. 

Gone are the days when scarves were only thick, chunky things only reserved for outdoor treks in the snow. In recent years, men have taken to wearing scarves as accessories quite often.  Scarves made from a variety of materials, in a broad range of colors and patterns, are available just about everywhere you look.  

And I think cowls should be, too.  Let’s look at this two ways: 

1. As a fashion accessory, scarves are typically wound around the neck in a decorative way.  Well, cowls do the same thing (only without the wrapping). 

2. As a way to beat the cold, they’re great at keeping your neck warm without having to worry about the wind catching them and unraveling them. 

I say all this because I knit a cowl. Not just any cowl, either – a cowl that’s perfect for nearly any guy. The colors are neutral (black/gray), it’s not so long as to be obtrusive, and the stitch pattern provides a little interest without being fussy.  

And, I needed a way to use the 29″ circular needles I’ve been dying to use.  The best way for me to do that was by digging around for ideas other than blankets (which I refuse to knit just yet).  

But I digress!  Yes, yes, I get carried away. Here’s the cowl:


It hasn’t been blocked, but I think it’s cute enough to wear in the winter months.  For instance, I make a daily trek to my corner bodega and this is perfect to throw on for a quick trip out in the cold.  


Even wrapped up, it looks cozy and warm and adds just a hint of interest to the neck area. Once it’s blocked, especially, I think it’ll look quite nice. I might just make one in brighter colors, too.  

Of course, talking another guy into it might be a different story, but I’m all for the cowl. In fact, I’m going to knit myself another one.  

Until next time…

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