Boredom breeds creation

I’m bored.  

There, I said it. 

I’m bored because I’m not working full-time, which is hard on both the checkbook and the soul.  Like everyone else, I fuss about having to work (don’t we all wish we had unlimited money?) but ultimately, I like to work. It keeps me busy and challenges me. I’ve been looking for full-time work, but it’s a process that takes a while.  

In the meantime, I’ve carried on with life!  It does keep moving along, doesn’t it?  

Jose and I traveled to the Carolinas for Christmas, which was great. We had a great time seeing family.  It also gave me time to finish the scarf I was working on for Jose using the Tunisian knit stitch.  If you crochet but haven’t worked with the Tunisian stitches, you should try it!  You can make a variety of thick, warm fabrics that are quite a bit different than what you’ll normally see.  The only downside is that it takes longer, because you work one row back and forth so it takes two passes to finish one row.  The scarf turned out well, though: 


What’s great about it is that it looks like it was knit but done with only one needle.  And since he picked out the yarn and saw the progress as it happened, I knew he’d like it.  

When we got back, we spent New Year’s Eve with our friends Mike and Carlos.  Jose was, with my styling, quite the figure of festivity: 



Otherwise, I’ve had a lot of time to work on crochet projects!  For instance, I started working on a throw ages ago.  I made two color changes on it and decided that I didn’t really care for the vintage color combinations.  I finally revisited it, thinking I could maybe work it into a passable scarf by weaving some colors through it.  I personally don’t care for it, but have had so many people say they like it!  


It just goes to show that you never know what’ll resonate with people.  I’m trying it with some other colors, too: 


This one I’ll actually wear.  Once I finish it, of course.

And, I found this adorable baby cardigan pattern at Selina Green’s blog (you should visit it here) and decided to give it a shot.  It turned out great, was easy to work up, and is super cute!  



Otherwise, I’ve taught myself to knit!  It’s slow going and still feels somewhat awkward, but I’m finally making some progress.  If you’re a knitter of just about any experience level, check out Staci Perry’s site at  Superb tutorials and she’s a great teacher.  

Once I had the basics down, I decided to try making a scarf for Jose using some gorgeous yarn he’d picked out ages ago.  


Overall, it turned out pretty well, although it’s obvious I’m not an expert knitter!  I did make one huge mistake, though.  I did the entire scarf in stockinette stitch. Of course, the sides rolled up. I did some research online and saw a suggestion for crocheting a border around the edge, which I did using a big ol’ crochet hook.  

It still rolled up!  

So then I did a bad thing. I completely bypassed the yarn label and decided to try steaming it to see if I could get it to lie flat.  Big mistake. One end of the scarf is now flat and shiny, and so the scarf is basically unwearable. It was good practice, though, right?  

So now, it’s on to a few more projects (baby booties, baby dress – provided I can find a decent one that I like – and a granny square afghan).  Oh, and Rocco says hello: 


‘Till next time…


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