Week 12: Wrong way!

So this happened: Womp, womp. The past few weeks have been less successful than I'd have liked, and I think this is due to both travel and eating out, plus a lack of focus due to distraction. So this week is focused on getting back on track. For instance, I'd planned to meal prep yesterday … Continue reading Week 12: Wrong way!

Week 10: Hitting a milestone

I'd originally planned (and perhaps even stated) that I'd post weekly weight loss updates. I didn't post an update last week because of family matters (see my previous post), but I did more or less manage to stay on track. Given the circumstances, though, I'm certainly not beating myself up for eating on the go … Continue reading Week 10: Hitting a milestone

The honeymoon is over (or, week 3 weight loss update).

Week three was not quite as successful as the first two weeks. In fact, I somehow managed to come out ever so slightly heavier than at the end of week 2. Is that disappointing? Yes, just a tiny little bit. I feel like I've been making the effort, and it's always disappointing when something doesn't … Continue reading The honeymoon is over (or, week 3 weight loss update).