What the heck happened?!?

A conversation I had today made me realize I needed to check out my own online profile and it was… interesting?  Not only did I see that I had tagged a picture on myspace with a rather naughty word (oops!) ages ago, but I ran across this very blog.  It hadn’t completely left my mind, but it certainly hasn’t been at the front of my mind, either. 

Reading through the entries (and then going even farther back to read through entries from my really, really old myspace blog), I’m wondering what the heck happened to me?

I love to write.  One of the things I love the most about my job is figuring out how to write something that clearly expresses whatever needs to be communicated.  I have said for years that I want to write a novel one day.  I even have an idea for one, but alas – I won’t share it with you.  Not yet. 

So why have I not been keeping this blog up to date?

I honestly have no answer for that.  The past few years seem like something of a blur now that I look back on them.  I took a new position at work; the band has kept me quite busy; aliens took over my brain for several years; I’ve met a guy who (for some strange reason) puts up with me and who (for some other strange reason) stays around; I’ve had adventures with depression; I’m lazy; the cat told me I could no longer write; my roommate forces me to spend free time cleaning…

I can, in fact, make up any number of excuses.  But really, there’s no excuse!  Part of writing this blog is to use it to put down on digital paper what’s on my mind and to chronicle what goes on in my life.  So let’s catch up…

All of the excuses listed earlier are true, except that I’ve not encountered aliens (that I can remember), the cat has not started talking to me yet (though I do talk to him), and my roommate doesn’t force me to clean (trust me, that won’t happen anytime soon).

I did indeed take a new position at work that not only increased my workload, but also has opened me up to some new learning experiences.  Do I have frustrating days?  You bet.  Do I still feel very strongly that it’s a great organization?  Absolutely.  I’m proud of what we do for the seniors we serve and hope that somewhere along the way, I’ve managed to contribute to the success of the organization… although after six years, if I haven’t managed to contribute something worthwhile… 

The band has kept me busy: I spent two years as Board president, one year as Board secretary, plus I’ve played the entire time and been responsible for marketing.  I’m both  happy and sad to say that I’m stepping off the Board at the end of June.  Although I’m enormously proud of the progress we’ve made in the past three years and feel that it’s provided phenomenal leadership and marketing experience, I’m ready to hand the reins over to others.  I’ve been feeling over-extended and it’s time to give the organization some new life.  That said, we went from a twelve person ensemble to sounding like this:

Damn right I’m proud of my band folk!  🙂 

ImageI did meet a guy named Jose, who really has managed to put up with me.  (I know!  I’m shocked, too!)  Beyond that, however, he makes me happy and we’ve been together almost two years now.  It’s had some fabulous ups and some very horrible downs, but we’ve managed to make it work and (spoiler alert: mushiness ahead) manage to continually grow and evolve the relationship into something pretty awesome.  And fine, since I know he’ll read this, I do love him.  Jeez.

I have also struggled with depression over the past few years.  It’s not a new thing and I’ve managed to keep it pretty manageable.  That said, reading back through old entries I notice that I have indeed had ups and downs with it that have been somewhat noticeable to others.  Right now, I’m quite aware that it’s impacted me very much because the motivation and optimism I had about weight loss/maintenance haven’t been around for quite a while – and I’ve gained a lot of weight back that I worked hard to lose.  I’ve also, with the help of my doctor, get back on track – not quite as energetic as I used to be, but I’m making progress on getting back into the swing of things. 

For the record, if Perry could talk, I have no doubt he would rule the world by now. 

ImageIsn’t he a handsome kitty?

So… that’s what’s been going on.  I think it’s time to get this blog going again – I miss it! 

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “What the heck happened?!?

  1. What is so funny is I too got away from writing in mine. Just the other as I started writing again I thought to myself that I hadn’t see anything from you lately so I looked it up and was going to text you and ask what happened but you beat me to it. Thanks for the update, I can’t wait to read more. Give that handsome man of yours a hug from me!!


  2. It’s nice to see you writing again Tommy. You and Anna keep me entertained with your scribbling s about life, etc. you and Jose need to come see us again when you can.


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