I’m glad I can crochet. I’m gonna need it.

Bella says hello!  She’s the official Content Editor as we sit at the kitchen table writing a long overdue blog entry.


Big news: we’re moving to Boston!  Jose and I are, anyway.  Bella is staying with Chad, since she’s his puppy.  I’ll be taking my big ol’ hateful Perry-bug, though.

For those of you who aren’t my friends on Facebook (if there are any of you out there), Jose accepted a promotion to his company’s national team, which happens to be based in Boston.  At first, I had mixed emotions about it.  Obviously, I want to support him, but Boston is a long way away from the Carolinas – a long way from family and friends, plus it involves a job hunt and major lifestyle change.

But now I’m just excited about it!  Not only is it a new city for us to explore together, it’s a chance for growth from a personal and professional standpoint.  It’s a city rich in the cultural arts with a ton of historical venues to learn about.  Plus, my great friend Dan (also known as my BGM – Big Gurly Mess) lives in NYC so I’m seeing lots of weekend trips!  Double-yay with sprinkles and glitter on top!

Oh, and it’s cold.  Really cold.  And I don’t do cold well.

But since I’m excited and going into this optimistically, I decided I’d drag out the crochet hooks, buy some yarn, and get busy!  I’ve almost finished a new afghan:


and have completed a new scarf that I just threw together on a whim without a pattern:


I created a matching hat, too, but I’m still kind of iffy on it.  I may rework it so it fits a little better.

And no, Jose will not be allowed to steal them.  I’m working on a scarf for him, but it’s taking forever since I’m using Tunisian knit stitch.  It’s pretty but it’s taking forever.  Go figure.

So, back to Boston.  Jose found a great place through a coworker that’s nothing short of a steal!  Since he’s already in Boston working, he Facetimed me so I could see it and I think it’s charming!  I’m looking forward to new furniture and, of course, decorating.  (Yes, I’m that gay guy.)


And look!!!  It has a tower!  We’re on the top floor!  I’ve already announced my intention of gettin’ my weave did – I’m gonna go all kinds of Rapunzel up in my tower.

In other move-related news, I turned in my official resignation from work today.  My last day will be September 27, although they’re aware I’m happy to help out remotely after the move in whatever capacity I can.  I’ve already started applying for positions, but so far nothing has come of it.  All good things in time, right?  If nothing else, I can temp until something comes along – it’s how I landed at my current company, actually.

So the big move day is looking like October 1.  We’ll have a spare room, so y’all come visit!  See you in Boston!

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