Imagine This: Honesty is Good.

I woke up at the ungodly time of 4:45 this morning.  Some people wake up in the morning and leap out of bed, ready to face the challenges of the day or to see what surprises life holds in store over the next 16 or so hours.

Not me, honey.  I wake up and usually hit the snooze button 5 or 6 times, assessing how I feel about the upcoming day.  Lately, it’s gone something like, ‘Crap.  I have to work again?’ or ‘F’ing sinuses!  Why can’t I breathe?!?  Ohemgeeeee, I’m so tired of waking up breathing like Darth Vader!’, before I finally realize that I have exactly 12.4 minutes before I have to leave for work and launch out of bed in a panic.

But this morning, I rolled around a few times before figuring out I wasn’t going to fall back into slumber and did my assessment objectively.  Hangover?  No.  Physical pains?  No.  Sinus headache?  Minimal.  Breathing ability?  Moderate.  Sleepy?  No.  Mood?  Decent.

A decent mood so early in the day is not common for me, but I woke up thinking about a text conversation I had yesterday that left me feeling good.

Let me preface this by saying that the technophobes of the world are probably wondering how a text message could have anything to do with getting out of bed early or honesty, as the title implies.  Well, thanks to the power of the almighty smart phone, we can now have pretty lengthy conversations via text rather quickly.  I had a decent text conversation yesterday with a guy I’ve gone out with a few times, and it left me feeling great.

Here’s why: In the course of about six text messages, we defined our relationship.  He said that he’s seeing a few people and just wants to date and have fun; he’s not ready for a serious relationship.  I said I was cool with that; although I’m ultimately after a relationship, I only want it if it’s right.  And, it’s too early to think along the lines of anything serious, anyway.

Imagine it, folks: in three little messages, he clarified his activities, his objectives, and his stance on a relationship.  In three more messages, I responded with my take on it.

Obviously, it’s not an ideal way to communicate sometimes.  But I was quite okay with it – I know where we stand.  I’m not a fan of guessing games, and the honesty up front was enough to satisfy me.

So, guys and dolls, take this to heart when dealing with dating: whether text message, phone call, face-to-face conversation, IM, or paper airplane thrown across the room… be candid and honest about your level of involvement with someone.  It goes a long way.

Until next time…

One thought on “Imagine This: Honesty is Good.

  1. Tommy,
    You’ve definitely got it right. If more people were honest, it would be a much better world. Some people think you should use little white lies to keep from hurting people’s feelings but a small white lie has a nasty habit of growing into a big dark lie very easily. I hope it goes well with this guy. He sounds like a stand up guy, no pun intended.


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