My thoughts on social media marketing

I don’t often talk about work online except in the most generic terms.  I don’t even have my employer listed on my Facebook page, because I like to think that what I do in my free time is in no way related to work. I don’t spend time outside of work thinking about issues related to senior care or retirement living, and my activities center around more personal pleasures and shared interests with the gay community.

That said, we recently redesigned our web site at work.  The plan moving forward is to make it much more interactive, and the opportunities for social media marketing are astounding – not only because it’s open to everyone, but because senior citizens are becoming more and more active on social networks to keep up with family and friends.   So I decided that I need to step up my game and learn what’s what.

Now, I personally use social networking sites quite a bit.  I look at videos on Youtube several times a week.  I still have a Myspace account, even though it’s not really widely used among my friends.  I have the Facebook Blackberry app and, even if I don’t post, occasionally see what all 1,000+ of my closest friends are up to.  I have a Twitter account, though I rarely use it (mostly because I’ve never felt terribly engaged by it).  I even have a LinkedIn profile but don’t make use of it like I probably should.

That said, I do some social media marketing already for the band.  For instance, our concerts are listed on Facebook as events.  And, if someone uploads video of our performances, I share them on Facebook.  I’ve even used Twitter to promote concerts before.

Until this weekend, I would’ve said that I was doing just fine, thanksverymuch.  Boy, would I have been wrong.

I need to stay aware of changes in the marketing field, and even though I know the basics of social media marketing, I had no idea the full scope of it until I started reading up on it last week.  I spent this weekend reading The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing, figuring it would give me a good overview of what’s going on.

Yes, I’m nerdy enough to read books about that stuff in my free time.

Reading it has made me think of two issues that I’ll have to sort out before making a big leap:
1.  Differentiating myself personally from my role as social media marketer for the band and work, and
2.  Figuring out relevant content to share.

Now I have more thinking to do.  The content concern will likely sort itself out as I do some more thinking and planning.  And I still like knowing that I can share what I’m doing with friends, but I do need to consider my personal online footprint in relation to my work-related online footprint.  Who knows, maybe from here on out I’ll just use a pseudonym online… maybe you’ll see me, maybe you won’t.

Until next time…

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