A fun-filled Raleigh weekend!

Ok, in all fairness, I should say “a fun-filled Raleigh-area weekend”, because I was actually staying in Cary… but really, when you’re from out of town, all those little towns get lumped together into one big “Raleigh” blob that you’re visiting.

That’s my take on it, at least.

I went to visit my friends Chad and Louis.  As usual, I had a great time with them!  While there, I managed to sneak in some shopping and bought a fabulous new shirt and, because I’m a bit of a freak about them, three pair of shoes.  They were on sale.  I couldn’t resist!  Really, I couldn’t!

And, of course, we went out to party with Shannon and her roommate, who may never go out with us again… not that we misbehaved or anything.  I mean, really, Shannon and I look like complete angels in this picture and there’s no way we’d ever misbehave.  Right?  And we know Chad would never act retarded in public, right?  Umm.  Right.

The worst part of the weekend was eating out so much.  Of course, I admit that I enjoyed the food; I just feel like I ruined my streak of good diet behavior.  Chili’s, On The Border, Taco Bell, and *gasp* IHOP – none of it was food I should have been eating and I drove back to Charlotte with a feeling of dieters remorse.


With that in mind, I weighed myself this morning and was at 152 lbs.  I started out a few weeks ago at 161, so there’s been good progress!  I often struggle with micromanaging how I diet – I look at each meal, each exercise, each day individually instead of focusing on how the continued, overall diet and fitness plan impact me over time.  Today, I am not going to feel depressed over eating too much or let myself get down because I only ran a mile and a half yesterday.  Instead, I look at the running of a mile and a half as a mile and a half more than I did the day before – and the food as an energy source that, combined with the run, probably balances itself out.

I read an article several years ago about a guy who’d lost a great deal of weight.  The only thing I took away from it was his advice to take your fitness goals one day at a time – if you have a bad day, there’s always tomorrow.   You have to stay focused on the end goal.

And besides, visiting with friends should be a celebration – why shouldn’t I treat myself?  And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my food journal…

Until next time…

One thought on “A fun-filled Raleigh weekend!

  1. Tommy you have no reason to feel bad for having a fun weekend, so you had some week food moments. You work hard all year on your figure, and that food won’t hurt you efforts.

    Think of all of those people that made resolutions to be, and stay fit this year. You are who they want to be. Maybe you should be the next Richard Simmons? Lol


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