The end is near.

The end of winter, thank goodness. I always find that the end of February/beginning of March is mentally the toughest time of the year for me. I’ve made it through most of winter and Mother Nature is starting to tease us with sporadic 70-degree days in the Carolinas, but we’re just not quite there yet.

Seasonal Affective Disorder makes this time of the year difficult for many. There are fantastic articles out there about combatting depression and S.A.D., most of which require you to have the motivation to be active, care about your eating habits, take showers, seek socialization, and generally be productive. You know: stop being depressed and do all the things that’ll keep you from being depressed.

Womp womp.

Golly, who knew it was so easy?

I’m hanging in, though. I did manage over the weekend to make a few more blocks for my crazy quilt. Well, okay, fine: I made three blocks. This brings my grand total of crazy quilt blocks up to nine.

Please, hold your applause.

I’m thinking I might make this a quilt as you go project. Traditionally, crazy quilts use decorative stitches and it would be fun to make use of the hundreds of stitch options my sewing machine supposedly has. That’ll mean selecting some fun thread to work with and keeping some bobbins loaded, but I have enough supplies to make that happen. I might also sash the blocks with an obnoxiously bright yellow fabric (as shown in the picture). Yellow is generally a happy color and one I know my mom likes (if I give it to her), but it might be overkill considering how busy crazy quilt blocks already are. Black, white, or gray would probably be a better option.

I also had lunch with Sister Mary Hubert on Saturday and finished a row of my hexie quilt on Sunday. All in all, not a terrible weekend. Now I just have to make it through yet another work week…

Until next time,

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