Outside of work, I spent most of this week trying to relax. I made an intentional decision to not work on craft projects. Sure, I have some new interchangeable needles I want to play with and considered making a quick dishcloth, but decided against starting it.

Sometimes, you just need a break and that’s okay.

I made time for pug snuggles, spent time with my husband, saw my parents, and even managed to get in some exercise. The City of Charlotte opened greenway access down the street from my house last year and I finally made time to go for a walk. I recruited Sister Mary Hubert, of course, because she’s a good exercise buddy.

It’s a little early for things to be in bloom, but I bet this’ll be a fantastic trail once the world is green again. Assuming, of course, that I can still move my legs tomorrow.

It sure doesn’t mean that mentally, I haven’t been thinking about next steps. For instance, I have on my current project list: a Crazy Quilt (a long-term project), my Hexie Quilt (a long-term project), and the aqua baby sweater. Totally manageable, right? I’ll finish off the baby sweater over the weekend. But I also have a list of possible future projects.

I’d planned to start on the Activities Cap/Headband designed by my friend Joe of DoublePointed Designs. I even finally succumbed to the 1,437 ads I’ve seen on social media from Hobbii and found a nice cotton/merino blend to try at a very reasonable price. It took 12 days for the yarn to arrive, and I found it ironic that the yarn I ordered from Denmark was Mayflower brand considering the importance of the Mayflower name to American history.

It’s pretty, right? It has a great feel to it and even came with some free stitch markers! But alas, I’ve decided to hold off on another knit project just now. For one thing, it was 78 degrees here today so there is exactly zero rush for a hat. But also, I need a knitting break.

BUT OMG WTDN? What To Do Next?

Well, chickens, I’ll tell you: CROCHET! I might try my hand at a crocheted cardigan to wear around the house – though I live in North Carolina and it’ll soon be hotter than the armpits of a sinner in the seventh circle of hell in September. If common sense prevails, I’ll consider searching the depths of Ravelry for a smaller, more lightweight project. I can also come up with a new scarf pattern because (fun fact about TommTomm): I have never once followed a crochet pattern for a scarf. It’s much more fun to get started and see what pattern develops! If I had any sense, I’d write them down and publish the damn things.

And, of course, there are two quilts I’m excited to start – one of which I am considering publishing as a pattern if it works out like I expect. We’ll see how that goes when I muster the motivation to start on it.

Until next time,
– Tommy

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