The Weeknd wrap-up

Happy Monday! I can’t recall ever saying that, so enjoy my brief burst of insanity while it lasts. I spent the weekend watching television, working on projects, and even watched some sportsball since it was Super Bowl weekend.

If you watched the Super Bowl, you probably have pretty strong opinions about the halftime show. I was looking forward to the show since I generally like The Weeknd, but I have to confess that it wasn’t particularly great. The sound was bad and it lacked the spectacle that I think we’ve all come to expect from a Super Bowl halftime show… but then again, it is really wise to expect anything normal these days? If nothing else, kudos to The Weeknd — good or bad, he’s received a lot of attention from it.

I also finished up some super cute appliqued potholders for my sister. She recently bought some vintage 1980s canisters for her kitchen. (I say vintage in place of old since I’m of the 1980s myself.) I made some cute potholders to match, which gave me a chance to play with fusible applique. I’ve done very, very little applique over the years and there’s a lot to improve upon for the next go-round, particularly being mindful of zig-zag stitches and [expletive deleted] binding, which is always my least favorite part of the quilting process.

Lessons learned.

I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to my project list. People seem to insist upon procreating, so I already had a baby blanket on my list since they make great gifts and I want some small projects to practice quilting on. I decided to use some fabric I bought in 2015 – so long ago, in fact, that the Fat Quarter Shop had deactivated my account for non-usage!

Isn’t it cute? I’m sure I had something in mind for it when I bought it, but that was so long ago that I had to come up with something else. It’ll be a quick, easy baby blanket that even newbies can do. I’ll grab some pictures of my progress, in case you want to see the process.

Finally, Rocco the Wonder Pug says hello. He’s been busy sitting on the sofa pretending to be peoples.

Until next time…


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