Two years later…

I finally decided to write again. I feel like a lot has changed in the past two years while much has stayed the same. I’m still married, still being bossed around by two dogs, and still crafting – but I also completed a Master’s degree, turned 40, Americans seem to have lost their minds over political theater (I use that word intentionally, for that’s largely what it feels like these days), and the world went topsy-turvy as a result of a global pandemic.

Did y’all know I didn’t sew for almost two years? Between school and work, I needed my craft space for office space. Crafting just took a back burner until I finally decided to clean up my act (and my sewing space!) and dive back in. I completed a Queen quilt top in a weekend, then finished off a quilt top I started five years ago as a gift for my then-new husband.

Five years isn’t that long to wait for such a fun scrappy quilt, is it?

I also knit or crochet 20 items to donate to charity! I’d initially set a goal of 25, but time started running out and I decided to donate them before Spring arrived. Not even homeless people would want scarves and hats in North Carolina heat. I also confess that I used these to try new things and so I can’t claim they were all particularly good, but they’re finished. They’ll still serve a vital function keeping people warm during the cold winter months.

Just a sample – the tip, if you will – of some of the scarves I made to donate.

I’ve now moved on to the rest of this year’s project list: four more quilts, some tote bags, and at least one knit or crocheted item each month to donate at the end of the year. I’ll just have to fill y’all in on progress as it’s made, right?


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