Finished is better than perfect.

If you’ve quilted for at least five minutes, you’d no doubt read this somewhere or had some well-meaning, more experienced person say it to you.

It’s true, though. None of us will achieve perfection in a quilt. I’ve seen some truly stunning pieces of textile and fiber art, only to almost inevitably witness the creator say, “If only I’d have done this…” At some point, though, you have to say that it’s as perfect as it needs to be and move on to something else.

I feel this way about the Crosstalk quilt I did a few weeks back. Once it was quilted and washed, the flaws I noticed just after piecing the quilt top aren’t nearly as noticeable… ones that most people wouldn’t have noticed, anyway.

Anyone else love the crinkly effect you get after washing a quilt? It looks cozy and hides a lot of imperfections.

I guess I need to go a little easier on myself in the future.

Until next time,

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