Lord, deliver me from dogs.

I love dogs but the two we have are trying my patience lately. We’ve had a lot of rain this winter and our backyard doesn’t have the best drainage, so it’s inevitable that the dogs will track mud in. That’s all part of having pets, right? I try to keep the floors somewhat tidy, but between mud and pug shedding it’s a challenge. Baby Girl (also sometimes known as the Wo.M.A.D., or World’s Most Annoying Dog) also seems to think she needs to go out every twenty minutes. As you might suspect, we very much disagree on that matter.

Today, my sister texted and asked if we could watch her chihuahua for a few days. She and her fiancée are going out of town for a funeral and their dog sitter fell through. She’s watched our dogs tons of times and I’m happy to return the favor.

But my word – adding one dog to the mix increases the noise threefold. Not because of Pablo the chihuahua, mind you. It’s because of this:

No lie, you’ve been able to hear this from every point in our house for hours now. It’s a little problematic when you’re trying to have work-related calls, but he’s so excited and happy to have a new friend to play with that you can’t really get too upset. I am starting to wonder if I should be a little concerned, though… poor little guy might hyperventilate at this rate.

I’d planned to start cutting fabric for a new quilting project this afternoon. I have some batiks jelly roll strips from JoAnn that’ve been tucked away in my Jelly Roll storage container for quite a while now. I figured I could pair them with the roll of Free Spirit solid black strips I bought at the quilt store recently and just do a simple geometric pattern.

But I might just spend the afternoon with these dog beasts. If I’m lucky, they’ll wear themselves out and take naps… or at least quiet down enough that I can take one myself.

Until next time,

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