Esther’s Charity Hat

Meet Esther.

Esther has the distinct misfortune of being made of styrofoam, has questionable big box store origins, and was designed to be smaller than the average-sized head. I like to believe that she was modeled after the great beauties of generations past, though: Nefertiri, Helen of Troy, maybe even Aphrodite herself. And although Esther could be relegated to such banal usage as a silk flower model, I choose to believe she’s destined for greater things, like wearing the latest hat I made for donation. Sure, it’s very slouchy on her tiny little head but she models it with pride and grace – and takes up minimal space on my bookshelf in the process.

I made it a goal for this year to make at least one item for donation each month. It allows me to use up yarn I’ve had sitting around since the dawn of time (or maybe buy new yarn, but don’t tell my husband that) and is a good way to give back to the community in a useful way.

This past year, being home so much has meant that I’ve had extra time to use on craft projects. I prefer to spend that time somewhat productively. But… I don’t always want to use it making hats and scarves. It gets a little repetitive and takes away from working on other things. So I bought a knitting machine off Amazon.

(Yes. I, too, just heard the collective gasp from the knitting snobs.)

Let’s be clear: I’m not replacing my fiber projects with this gadget. In fact, I’m about halfway through a cute knitting project that I’ll be ready to share next week. I am simply supplementing my output in an efficient way so I can make more items of use for those in need. It’s kind of nice to have a finished object in 20 minutes or so even if your arm gets tired in the process. Partnered with some inexpensive yarn (the yarn pictured is $2.99 per skein on sale and I’ll get 3, maybe 4, hats from it), I’ll be able to make some thick, soft, cozy hats and scarves.

Besides, I’d hate for Esther’s head to get cold.

Until next time,

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