Friends, Fiber & Friday

I love the idea of cozying up on the sofa on a cold winter day with a cup of tea and the dog, maybe with a quick and easy crochet project, as the rain falls on my quiet neighborhood. It seems so peaceful and idyllic!

But Mother Nature has to ruin everything, the big jerk. It’s pretty much rained for the past month here in Charlotte. I hate the cold, the dogs are constantly tracking in mud and when you deal with depression and anxiety, months on end of cold, wet weather is the pits.

Thankfully, I have good friends that I’ve been able to spend time with this past week. Wednesday evening, I had dinner and drinks with a friend from High School who I haven’t seen in seven years even though we live only a few minutes away from one another.

And, of course, I’ve Zoomed.

Isn’t it funny how “Zoom” has entered the lexicon? We Zoom for work, we Zoom with friends, many of us have a Zoom account… all within the last year because of the pandemic. Sure, we’re all feeling a little Zoomed out (see what I mean?) but having dealt with depression for years, I’ve grown to appreciate how it can help maintain connection when it’s needed.

I’ve popped into the 24-hour Men’s Fiber Crafting Room a few times this week (I confess that I’m not entirely sure what the meeting space is called so that might be incorrect, but I do know that it’s sponsored by our friends at The Perfect Purl). And Thursday evening, I hosted my semi-weekly Zoom Happy Hour with friends. Through both of these activities over the past year, I’ve made new friends and strengthened connections with other friends I may not have seen very often in person.

In fact, one of my new friends is Jamie. She lives in Concord, MA, so obviously she’s not popping in for tea and a chat – though she’d be welcome any time. A while back, she asked me how difficult it would be to make decorative towel holders for her kitchen. “Oh, Jamie,” I said. “Those won’t be hard at all! Piece of cake! I can make you some in no time! What colors would you like?”

Four months later, I finally got around to it.

My hope for you, dear readers, is that your stove isn’t 35 years old and raggedy like ours.

Save your judgment, people – I’m well aware that I should’ve done this ages ago. I’m also well aware that I’m easily distracted. Point is, I found a great tutorial on and whipped a few of them up for her. They’re a fantastic project for beginners if you’re new to crochet and want a quick and easy project. I did make one minor modification when I made the second one, but that’s because I’ve crocheted enough to know that I’d get a tidier finish doing it my own way.

I have one more to make, and then I’ll get back to some other projects. If you’ve ever made these, let me know how they turned out for you!

Until next time,


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