Anna’s Baby Blanket

Several months back, my friend Anna reached out to me with very special news: there was a little one on the way! And then she asked if I’d crochet a baby blanket for “Bean” with the request that it not have typical baby colors and be gender neutral because she wasn’t planning to find out the gender until the baby arrived.

Obviously, I said yes. I’m at the age where it seems like everyone has had children in the past few years. I can’t make blankets for everyone or I’d wind up making nothing but baby blankets – and, you know, I do like having a life that doesn’t revolve solely around crafting. If I have time, though, I’m more than happy to make something special for big life occasions like a birth, especially for a good friend (and I do love me some Anna… she’s like my straight woman spirit animal).

So the planning process began. I had her send pictures of afghans she liked, and then I put together some color combinations for her to choose from. Lots and lots of color combinations:

This is just a sampling of the photos I sent. It was just a matter of letting her see what I had on hand. We were living in Boston at the time and getting to a craft store was tricky, so I figured I’d make do with what was available, and she narrowed it down to two choices and then said to surprise her.

Luckily, we have similar tastes. I spent months working on it a bit, putting it away, working on it a bit… well, you get the idea. When we made the move to Charlotte, though, I made sure to keep it handy so I could work on it while riding in the car or until our furniture arrived.

Then, as fate would have it, Bean came early and I was barely half finished with the blanket! I put a rush on it and finally sent it off last week so that Anna can have warm snuggles with her little guy. Personally, I think it came out well:

I like the color combination and tried to make it sturdy and warm. I sent it with a warning, though: it has to be used. As I pointed out in the letter accompanying the blanket, there’s nothing worse for a crafter to spend ages working on something, only to find out later that it’s been tucked away for sentimental reasons.

Hopefully, she and lil Bean get lots of use from it, and I made sure to point out that the blanket might not be perfect, but it was created and sent with wishes of love, happiness, and all the success Bean can handle.

In the meantime, I’ve started on an afghan for the living room and been sewing up a storm. I’ve made two sets of curtains – the first for my sister. I liked them so much I went and bought the same fabric to make a set for our guest bathroom.

There’s nothing fancy about them (they’re just basic panels), but they work well in the room and have just enough subtle pattern to it that it’s not obnoxious. I’m slightly jealous that they look better in my sister’s revamped bathroom than they do in mine, but I’ll survive it. 🙂

I also bought some really cute fabric to be used in our dining room and kitchen – I’ll be sure to post the results once I finish.

Until next time…


One thought on “Anna’s Baby Blanket

  1. I love it! And when Bean gets home he will too! I’ll send a picture with him wrapped up so you can update! 🙂

    Your swsa!

    Swsa – straight woman spirit animal, which btw, I think I just came up with the new Tommy/anna nicknames. Lol. I will be your swsa and will be my gmsa 🙂 love you lots


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