Hey, look! I’m still alive!

Once again, I’ve let this blog languish for far too long. I always have such good intentions – I want to write more, I want to show off what crafty adventure I’m undertaking, I want to keep people up to date with the personal tornado that is Tommy – and always fall short of the mark.

Life happens.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. The job I’d started in Boston when I last wrote has now ended – because we moved back to Charlotte! I’m still contracting with the organization, however, and involved in the same role I had in Boston.

Also, I learned to piece quilts! I’m certainly not an expert, but I’ve learned the basics and enjoy the process (except for cutting out the same pieces over and over again, which is very tedious). Here are some of the works I’ve done:

I joined a Men Who Quilt group on Facebook and am constantly amazed by the level of creativity and dedication shown by the group members. I’ve not done anything excessively impressive, but seeing the artistry that goes into some of the quilts being made are astounding! Kudos to the women and men who push their creative juices to the limit to make beautiful works of art.

My next step is to actually learn to quilt these pieces, though the more I think about it the more I realize I like the piecing process more than I think I will the actual quilting. I may just have someone else do the quilting.

Otherwise, I’m still knitting and crocheting, though mostly just small pieces. I recently finished a baby blanket, but as it’s a surprise I can’t share it yet. I did, however, start on a new afghan for the living room – it’s simple and I’m loving that it’s just a quick and easy project using the V stitch:

V stitc h

So that’s the craft update. Otherwise, we’re slowly getting settled into our new house in Charlotte.

I’ll take some decent pictures once we get things a little more polished.

Until then, Rocco (now two years old and still the handsomest pug ever!) says hello!


Until next time…

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