Life Update

Stop everything! It hasn’t been four months since I last wrote! Hooray!

All of my craft projects are progressing, though of course the crochet projects move along faster than the knit projects. Knitting is a lesson in patience, and although I tend to have a fair amount of patience, working for hours to add a few rows of tiny little stitches means I have to adjust my thinking about gauging progress. With crochet, the stitches are taller and it’s so much easier to look at something and think, wow, I’ve added two inches to this afghan in no time flat! 

Not so with knitting, because it takes a long while to see visible progress in terms of measurement. I’m choosing to believe that it’s good for me to knit, to accept progress made for the progress that it actually is. I’ll get there. 

In other news, I am auditioning for the Boston University Concert Band! I e-mailed for more information, downloaded the audition pieces, and have been working daily on the more difficult passages. I’m making progress, but only after digging deep to remember good practice methods taught to me by a variety of teachers over the years – and with some help from awesome clarinet-playing friends (and those same teachers!) who are gracious enough to give me pointers when I fuss, whine, moan, or otherwise lament on Facebook about not having the skills of a professional clarinet player. 

I’m seeing progress, though. My embouchure is strengthening, my tone is improving. My fingers even work like they’re supposed to, though perhaps not as quickly as they need to for some of this material. That’s okay, though – I’m going into this audition with the thought that I will be able to play this material. I may not be able to play it up to speed, but they’ll be able to get a good feel for my capabilities and I’ll be seated accordingly. And, if nothing else, I’ll not embarrass myself!  

Otherwise, the job hunt continues – it’s yet another exercise in patience. It’s a frustrating endeavor, because a lot of companies don’t even acknowledge that you submitted your resume. In theory, I understand that they have a lot of applicants and responding to them all would consume far too much time. In practice, however, I just want someone to say, “We received your resume, and think you [suck/have potential/are a perfect fit].” 

That’s not how things work, though. But if you read this and are hiring in Boston, let me know – I’m not locked into marketing, necessarily. I’ll sell out for a good salary!  Ha! 

That’s about it. Until next time…


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