Crochet! Knitting! Laziness!

I think we can all agree that I’ll never be a famous blogger. Famous bloggers post more than every few months and I’m just not meeting that expectation one bit. This is fine with me – I’ll just get started on my long procrastinated Great American Gay Novel. There’s such a thing, right? 

Anyway, the past few months have gone well. I’m slowly adjusting to Boston. Did you know that there is an entire city outside my apartment? And did you know that I can, in fact, drive around the city without feeling as though my heart is going to stop? Amazing. 

My days right now are spent job hunting (I need full-time work, folks), crafting, occasionally doing housework, and playing with Rocco and Perry.  

photo (3)

The summer weather has been pretty nice here in Boston. I’ve been enjoying it while I can, because I know that it won’t be long before Fall arrives. I’ve managed to get out and see some of the city with friends, plus Jose and I took a day trip to Ogunquit, Maine, last month that was pretty fun. We’ve also traveled to Charlotte to visit family, and though it was a fun nine days, it was good to get home. 

While we were in Charlotte, in fact, I finished up a throw I was making for my friend’s new little brother (assuming, of course, that my friend isn’t too lazy to deliver it!). It turned out great!

Helms Blanket 2I did have to block the blanket, though, because I made the fatal error of assuming that I had enough yarn. Well, I didn’t. So I went to the Stitch House in Dorchester, MA, and they were super friendly and helpful! They helped me pick out some yarn that would work well with the Red Heart that I’d started with. It was a slightly lighter weight (3-ply versus 4-ply), but the stitches worked up just fine and the blanket turned out well. 

I also managed to finally (FINALLY!!) finish the scarf for my friend, Diana. She had wanted to learn crochet and I’d wanted to learn to knit, so we made a deal that we’d make scarves for each other using our new crafts. I received mine months ago, but kept putting hers down and coming back to it. 

Big mistake, folks. Eventually, I lost track of what seemed to be a simple pattern and it was a mess! I finally unraveled it earlier this week and just started from scratch with a basic garter stitch. It’s not fancy, but it’s wearable! 

Stahl scarf

So, now I have numerous projects in the works: 

Beverly’s blanket

photo 3 This will be my version of an aran blanket. I hate crocheted cables, though, so we’re just getting some interesting textures (basket weave, bobbles, etc.) using some really awesome yarn we picked out at Hobby Lobby. 




Shari’s Blanket

photo 4 My sister Shari picked out the yarn and when I tried crocheting it, I just did not like the way it was working. I picked up some size 15 bamboo circular needles and went to town! Loving it – and it’s working up fairly quickly, which always makes me happy! 



Jason’s Stashbuster Blanket 

Benfield blanket I have four skeins of this green yarn. I also have no idea why I have so much of it! When tidying up my stash, though, Jason said he liked the color so I figured I’d use it to make a throw for him. I’m doing a center panel all in one pattern and then I’ll work around the edges to make it larger and add some decorative stitching. It should be nice and cozy, although this yarn seems really stiff to me. 


Anna’s Knit Shawl

photo 2Since I’m working on so many blankets, I wanted some smaller projects I could work on to break up the monotony of the blanket patterns. My lovely cousin Anna will be the recipient of my first ever shawl – and to top that, it’s my first ever KNIT shawl! So far, it’s coming along okay. I selected a black and gray variegated yarn from Caron that’s surprisingly soft and (as requested) neutral. Because I’m still getting a grip on knitting needles, it’s all garter stitch but I think that works well with the color variations in the yarn. 

I also have to say that it is the easiest possible shawl pattern that may exist. Start with a slip knot and basically add one stitch at the start of every row. Magical, I tell you, magical! 

Jose’s 2014 Winter Scarf

photo 3Last year I made a faux knit scarf for my partner using the tunisian knit stitch. It turned out very well, but since I do have some yarn to use and cold weather will be here before we know it, I decided to knit him another scarf. To challenge my newbie knitting skills, I figured out a basic cable and will use it in the scarf. 

 I confess that I’m unreasonably proud of myself for managing to make something that’s not in garter stitch that looks somewhat decent. We’ll see how this turns out, though!  

So those are my current projects. Although working part-time from home is terminally boring, at least it affords plenty of craft time! Best of all, there’s an A.C. Moore about 30 minutes from me that’s closing down at the end of the year and I got some killer deals on yarns: 

photo (2)

Now, let’s be honest: I didn’t need those yarns. But they were all 40 percent off! I spent $44.36 but saved $34.32 in the process. Deal enough for me! There’s also two sets of knitting needles in there – also 40 percent off. Paying rent is so overrated, but seeing this makes my heart fill with joy: 

photo 2 (1)

Combined with the yarn that’s stored in the drawers underneath, I’m starting to feel pretty proud of my stash!  

So that’s a quick and dirty update on my life and crafting. Lots of projects to jump between so that I don’t get bored with any one thing, and hopefully it won’t drive me crazy in the process!  

Until next time…

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