Where has the time gone?

Before I get started, let me wish all the mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts, family friends, or anyone else who’s fulfilled the role of mother to a loved one a happy Mother’s Day. Moms deserve more than one day a year, but it’s nice to know we at least set aside one day a year for a little well-deserved recognition, and since this is the first Mother’s Day I’ve not spent with my mom I’m feeling a bit sad. I did have a good conversation with her earlier, though.

It’s been a long while since I wrote! My last post was about how I’d started back on anti-depressants. It’s not a big leap to figure that the depression did settle in, I effectively turned into a slug for a while, and am now oozing, slug-like, back out of the hole. I haven’t knit or crochet anything in months. I just haven’t felt motivated to do so, although I do need to get started on a few projects that I want to complete by Christmas – namely, some afghans, because you know those things take entirely too much time. Makes me wish I had magical powers so I could just churn them out, Harry Potter style.

I have, however, been busy lately doing some design and illustration work. My good friends at the Gay Men’s Chorus asked me to create some artwork for their upcoming season, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think that as I get older – and especially lately, that I’ve had some time to really focus on the aesthetics of design – I become happier with my work. I’m not doing any award-winning work, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. I can’t show that work, mind you, but my full portfolio is on behance, if you’d like to view it.

I have done a few projects for myself, though, just to stay busy and to attempt a little creativity: Lady in Tophat Working with senior adults, I tend to get caught up in making things large and focusing on contrast so they can view things easily. I wanted to explore the use of white space, and this is what came to mind. Personally, I love it and am considering having it printed just to hang in the house. Colors of Life 5 This is obviously not fancy (ha!), but I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to hang over the bed for a while. Our house has a ton of angles since we’re essentially in an attic, and I wanted something angular and colorful (color makes me happy). This is definitely being printed and placed above the bed. I’ve thought about selling prints of it on Etsy, just because it’s pretty versatile – there’s no denying it would go with just about any decor and, who knows, it might be a good way to make some extra income.

Otherwise, I’ve been exploring Boston some. Now that it’s warming up, the city seems to be coming alive – which also makes me happy. Boston from Quincy Boston So that’s it. Not much happening – just some graphics and copywriting work, wandering around the city occasionally to see what’s interesting, still working on getting the house together, and playing with the rotten puppy and kitty: 10302455_10154051611135109_2166787070031685056_n I’ll try to stay in touch better. Until next time…

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