Yesterday, I nearly hit stress overload.

Work has been hectic.  Now, work is usually hectic – there’s always 1.49 bazillion things to do and never quite enough time to do them all.

But here’s a little advice about leaving a job, direct from me to you:  Don’t tell them you’re leaving.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Word got out that tomorrow is my last day and I’ve been running non-stop since.  Seriously, it’s like people realized that they have things that are needed by the end of the year, and since Tommy is leaving, it must be done before he goes or the world will stop turning.

So, if I ever leave another job (and, let’s face it, that’s eventually going to happen), I’m just going to vanish without a trace.

Add to that a cat who seems to have lost all reason (inasmuch as a cat can reason in the first place), a vet appointment was necessary because, well, he wouldn’t act unreasonable if he felt good.  Perry does not like going to see the kitty doctor, so he pouts as soon as we get him into his carrier and looks so sad that it’s almost comical – provided that you know his true nature.

Poor Perry looks so sad.
Poor Perry looks so sad.

Now, if you know Perry, you can imagine what happens the second a vet tech or the vet herself walks into the room: he becomes a growling, snarling, fuzzy, hissing, loudly meowing mess.

We made it through unscathed, though, and he seems to feel better after his antibiotic shot.

Then, there are boxes.  Boxes galore.  Boxes of books.  Boxes of pictures. Boxes of knick-knacks.  Boxes of dishes.

Oh, and a mess.  A mess consisting of laundry to be done, of shoes, of miscellaneous odds and ends that have accumulated over the past three years I’ve lived in this house, that has somehow taken over the entire house like a growing, mutant organism all its own.

Boxes.  A messy house.  Craziness at work.  A sick cat.  A foot that hurts more and more.  Lack of sleep.  Not enough time.

Guess who became one stress out ‘mo?

That’s right, it was me.  So I decided to take Jose’s advice and de-stress.  With beer.  And three glasses of wine.  And then more beer.

And you know what happened?  Today went much better.

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