I betta werk.

You know, I forgot how easy it is to run one mile.  Growing up, I was not an athletic person (ANYONE who knew me growing up will attest to that) and running any length, unless forced, simply didn’t happen.

Once I decided that I was tired of being the “fat kid” in college, I found satisfaction in running.  Then I stopped running for years, and eventually started back when I was tired of being the “fat kid… in his mid-twenties”.  Once I started back, the first time I ran a mile without stopping was thrilling – I had accomplished something earlier than expected (and in the gay world, at an advanced age!) and it’s the only time I’ve ever had a runner’s high.

(At least, I’m pretty sure it was a runner’s high… I don’t think I was on anything that day.)

What brings this about was my friend Jonathan asking me to complete the Warrior Dash with him next year.  At first I thought he was crazy, both for registering and for trying to talk me into it, too.  I mean, really, who wants to run three miles and complete obstacles along the way?

Turns out, I do.

Once I thought about it, I realized that I still haven’t reached my fitness goals.  If you’ve known me longer than an hour, you’ve probably heard that I lost seventy pounds.  Reaching the weight goal is only part of it, however.  In order to really get where I want to be, I need to be comfortable shirtless.

Yes, I said need.  Not wantNeed.  I am tired – TIRED!!! – of feeling uncomfortable at the beach.  If I’d had any sense, I’d have reached the weight goal, hired a trainer, and been where I wanted to be already.  But as it is, I’m not comfortable shirtless – especially having gained weight over the past few months.

I weighed myself this morning and nearly had kittens all over the bathroom floor.  Considering that I was running behind schedule, cleaning up that mess would have made me late for work.  But I weighed 161 pounds.

At 5’9”, 161 pounds is not exactly cause for worry.  But when I was at 145 pounds, my clothes fit better and I felt better overall.  Based on this, my immediate goal is to get back to 145.  I’ve learned enough about my body to know what works and I’ll get there in no time, especially if I’m working out.

I finally joined a new gym, and tonight went for the first time.  I have every intention of easing back into my workout routines.  So instead of going all gung ho and injuring myself (and consequently whining about it for days on end), I started with my tried and true gym staple: running.  I take an odd satisfaction from running on a treadmill – it’s boring, sure, but it’s satisfying to see the distance and calories tally up, and the mundane activity is somewhat soothing and gives me time to think.  Yes, I’m strange like that.

But, having left the gym in positive spirits, I decided to share my goals for the next eight months or so, in preparation for the Warrior Dash in August:

  1. Reach my goal weight of 145… and kick anyone who says, “You’re too skinny!” in the eyebrow.
  2. Complete my next 5k – scheduled for March – in under 28 minutes.
  3. Run a 10k sometime in June or July.  Just for good measure.
  4. Maintain a steady workout schedule – maybe not intense, but reliable.  Friends who work out, please know that I will harass you to motivate me (through force or persuasion via sexual favors, if necessary) if you see me slacking off.
  5. Find some definition in my upper body.  There is bound to be some muscle there underneath the flab (or “loose skin”, as a few friends optimistically call it).
  6. Work with a personal trainer sometime in the next few months to really get me moving in the right direction.  Preferably a hot one…. Just sayin’.

And, to top all that off, I will post before and after pictures – what better motivation than that?  That reminds me, though – I’d better schedule a spa day with Sister Mary Hubert.  Can’t do a “before” picture looking like a wooly booger.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “I betta werk.

  1. Love it! I can’t wait for the DASH! I may to one BEFORE in May in MD. Its only like 3.5 hours from here and you know, just for good measure! LOL Good luck (and i feel like a fat ass compared to you…)


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